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Swarna Amrutha Prashana:-
Swarna amrutha prashana is one the ayurvedic immunisation technic told by our acharyas kashyapa, shusrutha & vaghbhata. It is greatest life time gift to your child.
Uses/ benefits:-
 It will helps to improve IQ (intelligent Quotient), intelligence, concentration, memory power, retention capacity, digestive power, improves immunity (sloka - swarnaamrutha prashanam hi tat medhagnibalavardanam//) improves ayushya, mangala karaka, punya dayaka, pacifies graha dosaha (sloka – ayushmangalampunyam vrusyamgrahapaham//) of the child.
Continues giving of swarna amrutha prashana for 1 month baby becomes ‘paramamedavi’ and also disease will not attack suddenly, if may come it will cure immediately (sloka- maasatparamamedhavi vyadhibhirnam cha dhushyate)
Likewise Continues giving of swarna amrutha prashana for 6 months baby will having the capacity what so ever he heard. (sloka – shadhirmaasaishrutadhara ha swarnaprashanadbhavet)
For mental retarded children continues use of swarna amrutha prashana upto 3years helps to improve IQ, speech clarity, behavioural changes.
Way of giving:-
Take 2-3 drops of Brahmi ghrutha and equal quantity of honey on stone (sanakallu in kannada) then swarna vacha should be rubbed as round on the stone like that of Brahmi ghrutha, honey and swarna vacha are mixing together. Rounds should be count according to age of the baby, facing towards east. Then afford to the child for lick.
            According to age of the child dose will varies, for baby is 1 month dose will be 1 round. Like for 1 year child (i.e. 12 month) so 12 rounds. Likewise if 2 year 3months baby 25 rounds (12*2+3=25 rounds). Like swarna amrutha prashana can be given for birth of child to 16 year children.
Classical way of swarna amrutha prashana:-
Child after birth 1st three days should be offered to lick swarna amrutha prashana thrice a day i.e morning, noon & evening. At fourth day morning & noon swarna amrutha prashana should give then at evening breast milk should be start. Then swarna amrutha prashana should be continuing up to 1 month or 6 months.
If baby not taken from birth means swarna amrutha should be start from pusya nakshatra continue up to 6 months ..
Swarna prashana should be offers to the child for immediately after birth to 16 years children.
Classical way of preparation of swarna vacha:-
            Take purest gold stick then made like neem stick, then heat on the lamp with Pancha tikta guggulu ghrutha without ballataka up to red hot then dipped into 7 different kashayas into 7 times total 49 times then we get processed swarna then insert into the vacha stick. Then preserve in the preservation powder.
Cost of swarna vacha:-
            1750=00 for Swarnavacha, preservation powder, Brahmi ghrutha, & honey, stone (sanekallu in kannada)
            1500=00 for swarnavacha, preservation power, & brahmi ghrutha.

Dr. Chethan Kumar.A.T BAMS. MD(Ayu)., MSS&C(Pshy). BPH(Pranic)

Award winner of “VAIDYARATNAM P.S WARRIERS”Winner of “KSHITIJ 2012 Best Presenter”Winner - “Young Scientist” Award.

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